The Demons Within

The answer to that problem would come in the form of my mighty angels, I could hide them high in the sky out of view of the demons and have them swoop down atop the beasts and slaughter the demons controlling the beasts the plan seems ...

The Demons Within

Run! I scream to myself inside my head, anything to get me to move. I stand paralyzed, frozen to the ground. I see oft in the distance the shadowy figure drawing nearer to me. My heart skips a beat, and I panic. I have to run, but I can't. I watch as the figure pulls closer. He is nearly upon me. Finally, in a last-second action of self-preservation, I turn and begin to flee, running as quickly as my feet can carry me yet losing ground to this entity. I feel my legs starting to give out. I crash hard to the ground, and I turn over; it's upon me. I fight back with everything I can muster. This battle is too important to lose. The entity is so strong, so powerful, I feel as though I'm losing this fight. I can feel its evil starting to overtake me. I can't give up. In a fit of bloody rage, I pull myself free from my captor and take flight again, trying to escape this force.

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