Practical Music Theory A Guide to Music as Art Language and Life

Further, writing in a language involves developing thematic material throughout paragraphs, chapters, and an entire body of work. Similarly, to compose and analyze music, one must clearly understand the principles of the medium.

Practical Music Theory  A Guide to Music as Art  Language  and Life

Practical Music Theory provides the necessary tools for inspired music making, listening, and composing. Based on the holistic premise that music is both art and language, yet so much more, Practical Music Theory takes the musician on a journey through historic, yet relevant common practices of composition. Through this easy-to-read text, aspiring theorists encounter numerous examples from music literature, thought-provoking questions, and practical suggestions for implementation. Practical Music Theory is both a textbook and a workbook, containing an array of exercises ranging in complexity from simple to difficult. Designed for the first one to two years of instruction, it is a comprehensive volume that begins with the basic materials of music and progresses through advanced concepts and techniques. Practical Music Theory expands horizons to new worlds of musical discovery, enhancing the enjoyment of an already delightful art form.

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